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The AliExpress tool that is saving soldiers lives

Dr Eyal Sela shared his innovation at the Israeli Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery's Annual Meeting in mid-June. He mentioned his intention to write about his findings in a paper "before anyone beats him to it." 

Medical innovation (photo: Gorodenkoff/shutterstock)

In a pioneering achievement for Israeli medicine, a doctor has begun using a metal detector to locate shrapnel in wounded soldiers, drastically reducing treatment times.

Dr. Eyal Sela of Galilee Medical Center has earned accolades from the hospital's leadership for his innovative approach, described as a breakthrough in patient care. With a metal detector purchased online, Dr. Sela can now pinpoint bullets and metal fragments within minutes of patients arriving in the operating room.

Dr. Sela, director of the Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Department, explained that the idea came to him in March out of frustration during a complex surgery. He had been struggling for over an hour to locate a bullet lodged deep in the skull of a soldier wounded by Hezbollah fire on Israel's northern border, where ongoing skirmishes with the Iran-backed group have left many injured.

Describing the challenges posed by such injuries, Dr. Sela noted that high-velocity wounds like these often complicate detection, especially in sensitive areas like the head and neck. Traditional methods involving X-rays and CT scans had provided a location, but not in real-time and with the precision needed for immediate surgical intervention.

Determined to find a quicker solution, Dr. Sela decided to try using a metal detector. After ordering a simple device via AliExpress, he put it to the test on June 5 when treating a female soldier wounded in a Hezbollah attack on North Israel town, Hurfeish. The metal detector promptly guided him to the exact location of shrapnel in her skull, allowing for swift removal during surgery.

"The metal detector signalled immediately, pinpointing the precise location on her skin where I needed to make the incision to remove the fragments," Sela recounted.

Within approximately ten minutes, he successfully extracted all the fragments. "I was amazed at how straightforward it turned out to be," he added.

Impressed by the efficiency and accuracy of this method, Dr. Sela has since utilized the metal detector in surgeries for nine wounded soldiers. He presented his findings at the Israeli Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery's Annual Meeting, intending to publish his results promptly.

Reflecting on the broader impact of his innovation, Dr. Sela noted that several colleagues have adopted metal detectors in their own surgeries. Beyond expediting treatment, this approach also reduces patients' exposure to radiation from traditional imaging techniques.

Prof. Masad Barhoum, the Galilee medical centre director, welcomed innovative initiatives that show creative thinking, in a statement. "It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our patients."

Hezbollah initiated its attack on Israel the day after Hamas's offensive on October 7 triggered the conflict in Gaza. Hezbollah has stated that they will continue until there is a halt in Gaza. Clashes along the border have led to the fatalities of 10 Israeli civilians as well as 15 IDF soldiers and reservists.

The medical center, located 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the border, has received numerous injured soldiers and civilians.

Sela mentioned that he still communicates with two of the injured soldiers he helped using the metal detector.

Sela stated that he has committed to visiting one soldier and the other soldier had informed him that he would be invited to their wedding.


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