A New Observation Point in the Golan Heights

You're invited to visit: Israel, Syria and Jordan from a new observation point

The vacation is about to end and the IDF decided to take care of families who are still undecided about where to take the children. A new observation point in the Golan brings together visitors, the connection to the nature and the army together with views from the neighboring countries

(Photo: Naama Mansfeld, Nature Defense Force and Nature and Parks Authority)

You returned from abroad and are still undecided about where to take the kids? So let us tell you about a new observation point that was established in the Golan Heights last Thursday.

A little bit about the site: The place overlooks the border triangle with our neighboring countries Syria and Jordan. The observation deck extends from the old Yarmuk citadel to the confluence of the streams with the Yarmuk and Rokad. In the Golan and Hermon Brigade and the "Nature Defense Army - Commanders take responsibility for their environment" who stand behind the project, they say that the place will deepen the brigade's values ​​roots in the southern area of ​​the Golan Heights as well.

Similarly, those behind the initiative explain that "for the members of the division, the observation point, known as 'The Triangle,' also symbolizes a milestone in the command of the division, under the leadership of Major General Ihsan Deksa, who is set to conclude his tenure in a week and will plant an olive tree at the location. About ten years ago, the 'Nature Defense Army – Commanders Taking Responsibility for Their Surroundings' initiative was established under the Technology and Logistics Branch. The initiative was created with the purpose of assisting the IDF and its commanders in assuming responsibility for preserving the environment, nature, and heritage sites within the territories under their jurisdiction and within their operational vicinity."

(Photo: Naama Mansfeld, Nature Defense Force and Nature and Parks Authority)

To this end, the IDF, under the leadership of the Technology and Maintenance Corps in the Technology and Logistics Division and the Ministry of Defense, joined forces with the leading environmental organizations in Israel - the Society for the Protection of Nature, the Nature and Parks Authority, and the Antiquities Authority - and together they operate approximately 60 centers of action in all the troops and arms, in the air, at sea and on land, from The Galilee to Eilat, from Samaria to the shores of the Mediterranean. The commanders and soldiers of the units go on activities in the territory of the units, while receiving professional advice and accompaniment from the partners of the project, and also receive educational and training content on environmental, nature and heritage issues.

The project has established itself as a significant focal point in the preservation of the environment, nature and heritage sites in the areas of activity of the units active in the project and is now working to leverage the assimilation in the field for a broad and all-IDF assimilation and over time as well as to find practical solutions to deal with the climate crisis and the crisis of biological diversity.

So how do you reach the observation deck?

It can be reached in coordination with the commander of the territorial defense's headquarters at the phone number: 04-6977293. After the approval, drive on the system road in front of the entrance to Moshav Eliad, heading east to the fence, turn right and continue next to the border fence until you see an antenna, and a sign for the triangle lookout.

At the observation deck you can find sitting areas in the shade of the jujubes, with observation signage and an explanation of the nature, the landscape, and the historical heritage in the Golan. You can come every day.

The 474th Commandant Lt. Col. Moshe Barel said at the ceremony: "Because the 474th Brigade works in close cooperation with its close partners - the project "The Defense Force for Nature - Commanders take responsibility for their environment", the Nature and Parks Authority and the Antiquities Authority, for uncovering sites in the Golan Heights, together with the fighters and the brigade headquarters and works hard to preserve these sites by giving individual and departmental responsibility to each unit.

He further added: "The division will continue to work in order to make these sites accessible to travelers who will be able to enjoy the beauty of the spectacular landscape. We will continue to carry out the mission of protection to the best of our ability and create peace and security for residents and travelers in the Golan Heights."

Naama Mansfeld, coordinator of the Nature Defense Force project and director of the Golan Education and Information Center at the Nature and Parks Authority, explained: "The lookout will allow travelers to reach and look at the border triangle and witness the power of the Yarmuk Citadel, which will be uncovered with the help of soldiers as part of the Nature Defense Force, and organized paths will lead to it from the new lookout. Unveiling The natural values ​​of the landscape and heritage for as many soldiers and civilians as possible is a major goal of the Defense Forces for Nature, and the long-term joint work with the Golan Brigade does good in the area, brings soldiers closer to nature, and helps in everything to preserve it - because those who know, protect the Golan and everything in it."

(Photo: Naama Mansfeld, Nature Defense Force and Nature and Parks Authority)

"Adapting ourselves to climate change"

Guy Sali, director of the "Nature Defense Army" project says: "This action is another example of the division's responsibility and connection to nature and the heritage they protect. "We hope that this point will help connect the army, the citizens and the landscape, for the benefit of all of us. This project constitutes another area in the implementation of the multi-year plan of the project in the IDF, which already constitutes a platform for carrying out targeted actions with systemic learning potential, for the preservation of nature and antiquities, as part of the national effort in the recession and in accordance with the climate change we are experiencing."


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