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The Ten Commandments for WhatsApp messaging.

Don't call randomly on WhatsApp, especially not with video, and don't expect an immediate response to your message. Or Yizraeli with the Ten Commandments for WhatsApp messaging

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The Ten Commandments for WhatsApp Messaging

1. They are not obligated to respond to you within the first second. In fact, they are not obligated to respond at all.

2. From the responder's side, it's worth giving a like or marking it as read, indicating, "I'll talk to you next week," etc.

3. If you're writing to someone you don't know, introduce yourself first.

4. Hi













Like this

Is another


Calling on WhatsApp is only if you have a good reason

5. Calling on WhatsApp is only if you have a good reason: You don't have phone reception, you're abroad, etc. I didn't have the energy to save your number is not one of them.

6. The same goes for video calls, just much more serious. (Come on, if it's not family or close friends, there's really no reason)

7. Voice messages. Do we need to elaborate?

Voice messages, illustration (Photo: Shutterstock)

8. Alright, voice messages; use them sparingly, please.

9. If something doesn't make sense on WhatsApp, make a phone call; it sometimes resolves misunderstandings that drag on through numerous text messages.

10. Groups. A great tool for updates and discussions, but even there, in the midst of numerous exchanges, there can be a loss of accountability (diffusion of responsibility). In the end, if you want to implement something, you need one or two individuals who take care of and update it.

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