"I Will Never Do This Again"

The left wing activist regrets: An inappropriate act; very ashamed of myself

After sparking significant anger following a picture he posted on his Twitter account, the left wing activist, Uri Breitman, deleted the tweet, clarified, and issued an apology: "I will never do this again"

The left wing activist and Tweeter, Uri Breitman, caused a significant uproar on the internet after he posted a picture on his Twitter account of an elderly ultra-Orthodox man collecting charity and wrote: "This is what happens when you don't study core subjects."

Breitman's words sparked significant outrage on the internet, with many responses arguing that core studies are not a guarantee to escape a life of poverty, and that there are many charity collectors who are not ultra-Orthodox.

As time passed and the attacks against Breitman grew stronger, he realized his mistake. After several tweets clarifying his intention, he deleted the original tweet.

"I deleted a tweet that received very negative responses, without intending it," explained Breitman. "I deleted it because I truly wasn't understood. It pains me to see an elderly charity collector on the street. It really hurts from the bottom of my heart. It hurts me even more to see the malicious interpretations of many people in Israeli society. If no one understands your intention, you delete it. So, I deleted it. To be continued."

This tweet by Breitman also stirred up the internet, and many users did not accept his apology, arguing that he only retracted his statement after hearing about the photographed man's military service.

Breitman responded to this by saying, "I deleted long before I read about his military service. I deleted because it was a very inappropriate and inhumane act. I am very ashamed of myself. And I will never do it again."


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Report: Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox turned down after showing up to enlist in the army

The IDF rejected the requests of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox who asked to enlist in the second phase of the reserve track. 

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Elon Musk, Louis Vitton

Elon Musk Loses "Richest In the World" Top Spot Due to Stock Woes

Due to instability in his Tesla company stock, Elon Musk recently lost his title as the richest man in the world to the owner of Louis Vuitton.

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X/Twitter, Free Speech

Givatayim Mayor Announces Departure from X/Twitter After Supreme Court Denies His Right to Block Accounts

Givatayim Mayor Ran Kunik posts what he calls his "last tweet for now" in protest of a Supreme Court decision requiring him, as a public servant, to life a block on the account of a constituent, despite this being a private account.

Avi Woolf | 27.12.23

Following the Storm on Social Media

Harvard was Alarmed by the Criticism: "There is No Place for these Calls"

After the storm on social media, Harvard clarifies: "Calls for violence or genocide against the Jewish community, or any religious or ethnic group are vile, they have no place at Harvard."

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Lapid Criticized Smotrich

Lapid criticized Smotrich: only his 'base' interests him

This morning, Lapid attacked Smotrich for his decision to transfer funds to Ultra-Orthodox education: "He only cares about his 'base'." Smotrich did not remain obliged and replied to him: "You are not freed from your hatred and incitement against the Ultra-Orthodox".

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 12.11.23

"No Peace"

The News Anchor from Channel 12 Called for Peace and was Interrupted with "Your Filthy People"

The commentator on Arab Affairs for Channel 12, Mohammad Majadla, argued that after the war, there must be peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Viewers responded critically, saying, "There is no peace with Nazis."

JFeed | 22.10.23

Twitter Removed Hamas Accounts

Twitter Announced: We Removed Hundreds of Hamas Accounts

The CEO of X Network (formerly Twitter) announced that the social network has removed hundreds of accounts associated with Hamas and also deleted tens of thousands of tweets related to the conflict in Israel. She stated, "There is no place on X for terrorist organizations."

| Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 16.10.23


The documentation that is shocking the internet: "Bullying Haredi children"

Documentation of a number of male protesters preventing the screening of a film intended for ultra-Orthodox women and girls has stirred up controversy on the internet, sparking many angry reactions: "Religious violence"

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"Dad is dead"

"Dad is dead": Trump Jr.'s Twitter account was hacked

Hackers broke into the Twitter account of Donald Trump, Jr., and published a series of puzzling tweets - first of all, a message about the death of Trump Sr.: "I will run in his place in the presidential elections in 2024." Trump's office confirmed that the former president is still alive

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 20.09.23

"Anti-Semitic Campaign"

The League Against Defamation to Musk: 'Anti-Semitic Campaign'

"The League Against Defamation," the Jewish organization that fights anti-Semitism, strongly criticized Elon Musk and accused him of being in connection with anti-Semites. This comes after he threatened to sue them, claiming they are responsible for the loss of Twitter's revenue

Eliyau Luksenberg, JFeed | 07.09.23

Twitter's New Step

Canceling the block option: Elon Musk in a controversial step

X (Twitter) CEO Elon Musk announced that the option to block users will soon be canceled. Behind this move, according to many, lies the business interests of the owner. Among many, there is a growing concern that X will become a more toxic and aggressive space

Yehuda Klein, Srugim News | 20.08.23

Rabbi Shai Piron Expresses Concern

Rabbi Shai Piron warns: the moment when the protest will get out of control

Rabbi Shai Piron expresses concern about the implications of the Conscription Law on Israeli society, stating that if it is indeed enacted, it will create a fracture that will be difficult to mend. He says, "The Prime Minister is obligated to rescue the ultra-Orthodox from their leaders"

JFeed | 17.08.23