Birth Registration Data 5783

Tel Aviv is only in third place: where were the most babies born in Israel in 5783?

The Population and Immigration Authority publishes the birth registration data for the year 5783, with Jerusalem, Bnei Brak and Tel Aviv at the top of the list

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With the conclusion of the year 5783, the Population Authority reveals where the largest number of births was recorded in 5783 and whether more girls or boys were born that year.

At the top of the table stands the largest city in Israel in terms of population - Jerusalem, with 10,784 girls and 11,369 boys. Following it is the city of Bnei Brak with 3,712 girls and 3,970 boys. Tel Aviv-Yafo is only third on the list, with 3,232 girls registered and 3,440 boys.

Jerusalem (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Here are some more cities on the list:

- Beit Shemesh – Girls: 2,781, Boys: 2,909.

- Ashdod – Girls: 1,931, Boys: 1,999.

- Petah Tikva – Girls: 1,802, Boys: 1,782.

- Netanya – Girls: 1,622, Boys: 1,691.

- Haifa – Girls: 1,579, Boys: 1,664.

- Rishon LeZion – Girls: 1,535, Boys: 1,586.

- Modi'in Illit – Girls: 1,502, Boys: 1,568.

The common names for the year 5783

Last week, the Population and Immigration Authority published the most popular Hebrew names for the past year. At the top of the list for girls in the general sector are the names:

1. Avigail - 969

2. Tamar - 847

3. Miriam - 806

4. Sarah - 710

5. Yael - 704

6. Ayala - 662

7. Noa - 653

8. Leah - 642

9. Adel - 606

10. Maya - 595

When looking at the breakdown for the Jewish sector, the names are slightly different:

1. Avigail - 950

2. Tamar - 837

3. Yael - 694

4. Noa - 635

5. Sarah - 596

6. Libby - 573

7. Ayala - 561

8. Adel - 552

9. Leah - 548

10. Ella - 528

The common names for boys in the general sector were:

1. Muhammad - 1,666

2. Adam - 1,187

3. Yosef - 1,186

4. David - 924

5. Ariel - 837

6. Lavi - 775

7. Omer - 762

8. Raphael - 762

9. Ahmed - 686

10. Daniel - 679

In the Jewish sector, the common names for boys were:

1. David - 846

2. Ariel - 814

3. Lavi - 754

4. Raphael - 719

5. Uri - 627

6. Yehuda - 585

7. Eitan - 574

8. Daniel - 544

9. Moshe - 536

10. Noam - 526


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