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Economy Minister Barkat Threatens to Vote Against Budget

Minister Barkat also said that if businesses in the combat zones collapse and don't survive the war, it will amount to a Hamas victory.

Nir Barkat. (Photo: Oliver Pitusi/Flash90)

Economy Minister Nir Barkat continued to send hints that he would not support the budget as currently proposed. During a discussion at the Knesset’s Economic Affairs Committee, Barkat said “I will not support the state budget if they do not allocate at least 250 million NIS to save businesses in the south and north from collapse.”

According to Barkat, “does it seem reasonable to anyone in this room that the reservists who are risking their lives on the front should deal with worries of their livelihood? If the businesses in the fighting areas collapse and don’t survive the war – that’s a victory for Hamas. I as the Economy Minister of the State of Israel will not give my hand to a budget which will bring about the collapse of businesses in the periphery.”

Barkat: “Our resources are not expenditures but investment”

Barkat complained of the conduct of the Finance Ministry: “They don’t return our calls, it’s detached from the processes. I don’t remember that they went down with us into the field and asked how they can help. If businesses collapse, Hamas will win.” He said he appealed to Netanyahu and Smotrich and stressed “You understand the importance of what I’m talking about, to ensure businesses don’t collapse, to care for our reservists. Our resources are not expenditures, they’re investments.”

"Our resources are not expenditures, but investment." Netanyahu and Smotrich. (Photo: Amit Shevi, Pool)

Yesterday during their joint press conference, Minister Gantz appealed to Prime Minister Netanyahu and asked him to stop the coalition funds from being used. “I wish to appeal to you, Mister Prime Minister, tomorrow the state budget for the year of 23 will be brought for a vote on the first vote. The citizens of Israel were also most all harmed by the challenges presented by the war in the economic aspect, too, especially those evacuated from their homes and the reservists. They are looking expectedly at us, now.”

According to him, “it’s not too late to stop the budgetary additions which do not regard the fighting and everything around it, and transfer them like all the other available resources for the needs of the war. In days like this and moments like this – leadership is tested, and we need to demonstrate it. On this subject, as well, as in the war, we need to act based on general national considerations.”


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Breaking: IDF Retrieves Bodies of 5 Captives

Approved for Release: In a daring rescue operation, the Israel Defence Forces successfully recovered the bodies of five captives held in Gaza on Wednesday. BDE

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IDF Reveals: The New and Powerful Tool of the Navy

Two new American landing ships were received by the Israeli Navy in a special ceremony attended by the Minister of Defence. These new vessels are expected to provide capabilities to the Navy that it has not previously held.

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Knesset reacts to Netanyahu's' speech: 'the Jewish heart is filled with pride'

The political system reacted to Netanyahu's speech in the American Congress. President Yitzhak Herzog greeted: "an important speech". Foreign Minister Israel Katz: "The enormous sympathy of the members of Congress - evidence of the strong alliance between Israel and the USA."

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Congress speech update: Netanyahu on post-war Gaza "We need civil control"

In his highly anticipated speech to US Congress members, Benjamin Netanyahu discusses his visions for the day after in Gaza, rising Anti-Semitism, and the war in the North while emphasizing the global importance in fighting terrorism on all fronts.

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Live updates: Netanyahu's speech to the American Congress

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Report: Netanyahu to discuss "day after" plan for Gaza in speech to Congress

Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly told leaders of American Jewish organizations that he would discuss plans for the "day after" the war in his speech to Congress today.

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About 80 Congressmembers and 6 Senators expected to skip Netanyahu's speech

Among those who are not attending are Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Congressmember Jerry Nadler

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Former Israeli Ambassador: "I worry about Israel if, God forbid, Harris becomes president"

Former US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, also mentions that Netanyahu's speech to Congress provides the Prime Minister an opportunity to present Israel's perspective on the conflict with Hamas to the global audience.

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Released for publication: two fighters were seriously injured in the battle in the Gaza Strip

Two IDF soldiers from the Givati ​​Brigade and the paratroopers were seriously injured in the fighting in the southern Gaza Strip. The injured were evacuated to receive medical treatment at the hospitals, their families were informed.

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Israel-Gaza War

Hamas terror tunnel discovered under child's bed in Rafah | Watch

The IDF discovered the tunnel during ongoing operations to root out terror and terrorist infrastructure in the southern city.

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IDF strikes additional Hezbollah targets | Watch

The IDF struck multiple Hezbollah observation posts today in southern Lebanon.

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October 7th massacre update: Body parts found in vehicles

Police have launched an investigation following new findings in vehicles belonging to IDF soldiers from the Matkal unit who fought on October 7th in Kibbutz Be'eri. Remnants of bone fragments were discovered in the vehicles.

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