Ceasefire in Gaza

Saudi Arabia, Normalization, Israel-Gaza War
Here's Why Saudi Arabia is Holding Off on Israel Normalization Deal

Saudi Arabia's decision to postpone Israel normalization negotiations reveals intricate diplomatic challenges and strategic considerations in the Middle East.

Gila Isaacson | 14.07.24

Hamas, Israel-Gaza War, Sinwar, Netanyahu, Ceasefire

Why Hamas suddenly wants a ceasefire

Internal pressure mounts on Hamas as it signals new openness to ceasefire.

Gila Isaacson | 08.07.24

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AOC fires up fiery Bronx rally with Bowman and Sanders ahead of critical primary

'I Am Ready To Fight!': AOC shrieks on behalf of Jamaal Bowman at Bronx rally.

Gila Isaacson | 23.06.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostage Deal

Release of 100 Hostages: The New Deal Between Hamas and Israel

According to reports in the global media, the emerging new deal between Israel and Hamas will involve the release of 100 hostages in exchange for a two-month ceasefire and an inclination towards a permanent agreement to end the conflict.

JFeed Staff | 28.01.24

Ben-Gvir Threatens

Ben-Gvir Threatens: We Will Dissolve the Government if the Fighting is Ended

The chairman of Otzma Yehudit Minister Ben-Gvir announced on social media that any move to end the war at this stage will lead to the complete dissolution of the government by his party.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 28.11.23

Member of British Government Fired

A Member of the British Government Called for a Ceasefire in Gaza and was Fired

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has fired Paul Bristow, a Member of Parliament, after he called for a ceasefire in Gaza. As a reminder, Sunak visited Israel after the massacre in the south and told Netanyahu, "I want you to win."

| Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 31.10.23