Israel At War
2 suspects were arrested for spraying  malicious graffiti and supporting terrorism

The police arrested two suspects who sprayed graffiti that contained malicious messages and support for terrorism in public places in Haifa. The two were recorded on the security cameras spraying the graffiti and fleeing, they were located after the police investigation.

JFeed | 12.11.23

A Bomb in the Sea in Haifa

Documentation: The Police Blew Up a Bomb in the Sea in Haifa

A lifeguard on the beach in Haifa, near the Meridian Hotel in Haifa, identified weapons in the heart of the sea. He alerted the police, who detonated the bomb. Watch the footage:

Simcha Raz, JFeed Staff | 04.11.23

Israel-Gaza War

Rocket Fire Towards Ein Hamifratz and Kfar Masaryk, One Intereception Reported

Red color sirens were activated south of Akko at these towns. Residents reported one interception, but no casualties.

JFeed | 23.10.23


Rachel of Ofakim Commemorated on Haifa Urban Shelter

After hearing the heroic story of Rachel of Ofakim, local Haifa artist Adi Yonathan Cohen decided to commemorate her in a wall painting.

JFeed | 16.10.23

Murder In Haifa

Suspicion of murder in Haifa: a man of about 50 was shot dead

A 50-year-old man was injured in a shooting incident on Israel Bar Yehuda Road in Haifa. MDA medics and paramedics had to determine his death. The police started investigating the incident

JFeed | 27.09.23

Pollution at a Northern Beach

Fear of pollution: Swimming warning at a beach in the north

The Haifa Municipality has issued a swimming warning at Neot Beach in Kiryat Haim due to concerns of pollution in the water from the industrial area's water pipeline. Municipality teams are working to stop the flow into the sea, and additional testing will be conducted tomorrow

JFeed | 10.09.23

The Separate Beach is Open

Good news for the religious public: the separate beach is open for bathing

The Ministry of Health announced this morning that due to normal microbiological results, bathing at the separate beach in Haifa is permitted. In addition, 8 streams are still closed in the north

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 17.08.23

Trains in Haifa are Back to Normal

After the disruptions: train traffic is back to normal in Haifa

Disruptions were reported in the train movement in the Haifa area after a person entered the railway track area against instructions at Bat Galim station and was injured by an approaching train. Emergency and rescue teams arrived at the scene and provided medical treatment to the individual

JFeed | 16.08.23