Israel-Gaza War, Hostages
IDF Spokesperson: Two Thai hostages were murdered in Gaza

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari also addressed the serious incident in Jebaliya, in which soldiers were killed by friendly fire, saying "we will learn the lessons."

Liran Vainshtain, Uriel Beeri, JFeed Staff | 16.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

Tzav Tesha protest movement says it's not done yet

The movement, which disrupts or tries to block aid going into Gaza while there are still hostages, says it intends to keep going: "The nation has awoken and is unwilling to supply goodies to Nukhba terrorists at the expense of our hero fighters."

JFeed Staff | 16.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Report: Biden administration offers "sensitive" intelligence on location of Hamas leaders if broad Rafah operation abandoned

The Biden administration reportedly offered Israel sensitive intelligence on Hamas leaders, including the tunnels they are hiding in, if Israel holds off on a broad operation in Rafah.

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 11.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostage Deal

Report: Cairo hostage negotiations suspended

The global media reports that the Israel and Hamas delegations, as well as the head of the CIA have all left Cairo.

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 09.05.24

Israel-Gaza War

Gantz: Rafah operation also aimed at helping free hostages

Regarding Hamas' proposal, the war cabinet member said that "there are significant gaps, a delegation will be sent to Cairo."

Eliyahu Luksenberg, Liran Vainshatin, JFeed Staff | 07.05.24

Al-Jazeera, Israel-Gaza War

It's unanimous: Israeli government votes to ban al-Jazeera from Israel

The decision comes after a delay in the cabinet vote due to disagreement on the timing of banning a Qatari media outlet during hostage negotiations mediated by the country.

Avi Woolf | 05.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostage Deal

War and extended cabinets to convene to discuss hostage deal negotiations and Rafah plans

After a cabinet meeting was suddenly cancelled at the last minute, the war and extended cabinets are now on to meet Thursday to discuss Israel's options going forward.

Yair Amar, Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 02.05.24

Israel-Gaza War, Humanitarian Aid

Despite the IDF order, activists continue to block aid trucks to Gaza

Despite being declared a closed military zone, Tzav Tesha activists arrived at Allenby Bridge to block trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

JFeed Staff | 01.05.24

Hamas, October 7 Massacre

"Screams of Silence": Sheryl Sandberg launches documentary of Hamas sexual crimes on YouTube

Sandberg, former COO of Meta and founder of, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses, first responders, and medical and forensic experts to tell the story of what Hamas has done and is still doing.

| Avi Woolf | 26.04.24

Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF Spokesperson responds to Hamas hostage video

The IDF attacked the video as "psychological terror" and said this was evidence of how Hamas repeatedly engages in atrocities

Avi Woolf | 24.04.24

Binyamin Netanyahu, Hostage Deal

Netanyahu to war cabinet: False leaks to the press harm efforts to free the hostages

The Prime Minister also said that if anyone on the hostage negotiation teams can't bring themselves to heed the instructions of the government and instead leak to the press - "they should do the right thing and not be here."

Avi Woolf | 21.04.24

Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu: We will strike Hamas hard - and soon

The Prime Minister said that additional military efforts will come due to Hamas "heardening its heart" and demands to enable the freeing of the hostages.

Avi Woolf | 21.04.24

Hostages, Passover

Hostages and Missing Families Forum releases video for how to remember the hostages during Passover

An empty chair, a blessing for the hostages' return are among the recommendations for those who wish to remember the hostages during seder night.

Avi Woolf | 19.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

President Herzog: Leave an empty chair at the seder table, for the hostages, fallen, and murdered

Herzog: "During the Festival of Freedom this year, we all remember and remind each other act in every way creatively, with determination, and courage to bring the girls and boys home

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 19.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Opposition Leader Lapid to Blinken: "We will not rest until the hostages return home"

Lapid told Blinken that "all Israeli citizens are united round the call to return the hostages."

Bentzi Rubin, Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 08.04.24

Hostages, Rwanda

"We want them to return": President Herzog gives Rwandan President Kagame the hostages' disc

In a speech he gave for the 30th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, he said "The world must not allow the politicisation of genocide, it must not allow the belittling of the horror of such crimes."

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 07.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, Politics

Gantz: We need a consensus date for elections in September 

In a speech he gave at the Knesset, State Camp party leader and war cabinet member Benny Gantz called for new elections to be called a year after the war began.

Avi Woolf | 03.04.24

Israel-Gaza War, US-Israel Relations

Netanyahu denies reported delegation headed to Washington

Prime Minister Netanyahu denied reports that he had reversed his decision to not send a delegation to Washington after the American abstention over a cease-fire resolution at the UN on Monday.

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 27.03.24

Israel-Gaza War, Hostages, UNRWA

Watch: Hostages' families besiege UNRWA Jerusalem offices

Dozens of protestors, including relatives of hostages, arrived to bar the entrance to UNRWA's Jerusalem offices.

Eliyahu Luksenberg, JFeed Staff | 27.03.24

Israel-Gaza War

Released for publication: Uriel Baruch confirmed killed by Hamas, body being held in Gaza

Baruch was kidnapped from the Nova party during October 7. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

JFeed Staff | 26.03.24