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And Now for the Weather
And Now For The Weather: First It Goes Up - Then It Goes Down

Temperatures will increase significantly along with strong winds, until Thursday when things change direction. The weather forecast, below.

JFeed Staff | 11.03.24

And Now For The Weather

And Now For The Weather: Prepare for a rainy and hot weekend

Temperatures will remain about the same until Saturday, and local rains will fall in the north and along the coast.

JFeed Staff | 07.03.24


And Now For The Weather: We can't see clearly now, the rain is back - and it's windier

Temperatures will drop and it will be colder than average. Rain will fall throughout the country. The weather forecast - details below.

JFeed Staff | 03.03.24

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And Now For the Weather: Sea of Galilee continues to rise; mostly clear skies in coming days

The level of the Sea of Galilee rose another 5.5. cm last weekend and is less than a meter from reaching the upper red line.

JFeed Staff | 25.02.24

And Now For the Weather

And now for the weather: warmer temperatures - with rain and storms

The weather this coming weekend will be warmer than average. Strong winds are expected, as well as local rains and thunderstorms on Saturday. Full forecast below.

JFeed Staff | 22.02.24

Weather Forecast

And now for the weather: cold, rainy, stormy

There will be rains accompanied by thunderstorms, and it will be colder than average for the season. The weather forecast for the next four days.

JFeed Staff | 17.02.24


Flood warnings in place in Judean Desert and Dead Sea areas on Thursday and Friday

Drivers are asked to take appropriate precautions when going through the area, and hikers seeking to witness the floods are advised to only do so from places deemed safe by authorities.

Avi Woolf | 14.02.24

Weather Report

Weather report: Cold, rain, flood, oh my!

The weather will continue to be colder than usual, with rain and thunderstorms. Snow will fall in the Hermon and flooding is possible. The forecast for the next few days.

JFeed Staff | 14.02.24


And Now for the Weather: Temps Rising, Rain Taking a Break

The weather for the next few days will be nice, with rising temperatures and rain only returning over the weekend. Our forecast.

JFeed Staff | 06.02.24

Weather Forecast, Sea of Galilee  

Staggering Rise: Sea of Galilee Water Level Sets Seasonal Record

Blessed Rainfall: Sea of Galilee water level surges by 15 cm in the last 24 Hours.

JFeed Staff | 31.01.24

Weather Forecast

Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, and Snow in Central Mountains | Weather Forecast

The stormy weather will continue in the coming days. Heavy rains will fall throughout the country accompanied by thunderstorms. Snow is expected in the mountains of the north and Samaria. Weather Forecast:

JFeed Staff | 27.01.24

Weather Forecast

Cold, Floods, and Snow - Not Just on the Golan Heights | Weather Forecast:

The weather in the coming days will be wintry. The temperatures will drop, and rain is expected throughout the country. Snowfall is forecasted in the north, and there is a concern of floods. Weather forecast:

JFeed Staff | 24.01.24

Weather Forecast

Stormy and Rainy Weather Ahead; Winds, Rain, and Snow: Weather Forecast

In the coming days, the weather will be stormy and rainy. Strong winds will prevail, accompanied by precipitation and thunderstorms. Snowfall is expected on Mount Hermon. 

JFeed Staff | 23.01.24

Weather Forecast, Sea of Galilee 

Even Without Rain: The Sea of Galilee Water Level Continues to Rise

According to the Water Authority data, the Sea of Galilee water level rose by an additional 1.5 cm in the last 24 hours, completing a total rise of 24 cm in the past week. A further increase is expected in the coming days.

JFeed Staff | 18.01.24

Weather Forecast, Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee Water Level Surges Significantly Over the Weekend

At the end of last weekend, the Sea of Galilee water level recorded a significant jump of 11.5 cm. According to forecasts, precipitation will continue in the coming days, leading to an additional rise in water level.

JFeed Staff | 14.01.24

Weather Forecast

After the Storm: Weather Forecast for the Coming Week

The weather at the beginning of the week will continue to be wintry, but from Monday, the storm will calm down. A slight rise in temperatures is expected, and it will be clear. Weather forecast:

JFeed Staff | 13.01.24

Weather Forecast

After the Weekend, this is What is Expected to happen: Weather Forecast

A slight temperature drop, local rains will fall in most areas of the country, and it will be cloudy—weather forecast for the coming week.

JFeed Staff | 30.12.23

Weather Forecast

Hotter than Usual; Rain and Winds: Weather Forecast

Weather is expected to remain unchanged until the beginning of the week, then there will be a change in trend and it will be cool. The rain will drop for a visit on Thursday. Weather Forecast.

JFeed Staff | 28.12.23

Weather Forecast

After the Rain; This is What is Expected to Happen: Weather Forecast

After a stormy day with heavy rains, the weather in the coming days will stabilize a little. Local rains will fall and temperatures will rise. Weather Forecast

JFeed | 28.11.23

Weather Warnings

Preparing for the Weather: Closing Routes and Observation Points

The Nature and Parks Authority announces this morning the closure of several hiking trails, due to the expected weather in the coming days, and warns travelers against entering streams.

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 27.11.23