Galei Tzahal Will Not Be Closed

Gallant states: Galei Tzahal will not be closed, a permanent command will be established

Ahead of the hearing in the Supreme Court, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that he accepts the recommendations for making changes to the IDF Army Radio station. According to his demand, the station will remain in its current format, and a commander with a military background will be appointed to lead it

(Photo: Omer Fishman/Flash 90)

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has decided today (Monday) that the IDF Army Radio station, Galatz (Galei Tzahal), will not be closed, and he believes that a permanent station commander with military and command experience should be appointed.

Ahead of the expected Supreme Court hearing in October, Minister Gallant submitted his position on the continued operation of the military station to the government's legal counsel. He stated that he views the committee's recommendations for the continuation of Galatz's activities and changes to its characteristics as acceptable.

In accordance with the committee's recommendation, the Minister of Defense decided to retain Galatz IDF Radio in its current organizational framework, as a military unit subject organizationally to the Chief of the Personnel Directorate in the IDF. Additionally, the minister decided to adopt the committee's main recommendation to make a significant change in the content of the station's broadcasts.

Gallant, requires a permanent commander (Photo: Haim Goldberg/Flash 90)

Requirement for a permanent commander

It is also stated that through this change, the connection between the station's activities and IDF soldiers - the station's original target audience - will be strengthened. Therefore, the scope of broadcast hours for content related to Zionism, combat heritage, the Hebrew language, culture, music, and more will significantly increase. These programs will be central anchors in the broadcasting schedule and will be scheduled during high listening percentage hours.

Furthermore, according to the Minister of Defense's opinion, the station's function as a military unit should continue, alongside the incorporation of content related to the security system and relevant to IDF soldiers. Additionally, Gallant demands the appointment of a permanent station commander with significant military and operational experience within the general military framework.


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