60 NIS Wedding Dress

It's possible: The bride who bought a wedding dress at SHEIN

Have you always dreamed of a comfortable and beautiful wedding dress without emptying your bank account? Meet Elisheva Solomon, the bride who bought her wedding dress from the SHEIN website

(Photo: Ran Sheinberger)

Elisheva and Raz got married last Hanukkah. Elisheva, who wanted a beautiful and comfortable dress, chose to buy a dress from the well-known website SHEIN. We asked Elisheva to tell us a bit about the decision to purchase the wedding dress from an online website:

Elisheva said, "We always knew we wanted to have a small wedding (and we were also limited due to getting married during the COVID-19 crisis). We found a small synagogue in the area where we live.

As for the dress, I always knew I wanted to wear a short dress and not a long one. I had ordered from SHEIN twice before and was very satisfied. It's also not expensive, so even if you order something and it's not exactly what you wanted, you can always order another dress. I ordered the dress two months before the wedding, and I received a really cute dress."

(Photo: Ran Sheinberger)

In general, we knew it would be a small wedding, so buying a dress from SHEIN was very natural and smooth. I also ordered my sandals from there, and my husband's shirt as well, which I even altered a bit myself. We also made the masks ourselves. Honestly, it made us feel good; it made us feel like we were doing the wedding our way. Our parents, siblings, and a few friends attended the wedding to complete the minyan - a small wedding. The fact that it was a small event was an advantage in my eyes; we could really focus on the people around us.

The dress was really comfortable, and it was most important for me to preserve my freedom of movement. When I bought it, everyone in the Facebook group wrote to me that it was a 100% polyester dress. So what? It's beautiful, it's comfortable, so what does it really matter in the end? I also bought my veil for $4 from AliExpress.

A wedding dress for 60 NIS (Photo: Ran Sheinberger)

Of course, the wedding event was important to me. I am religious, and my husband is secular; it's a very significant event. But what's most important is truly being with the people we love. It's such a moving and emotional event that it's crucial to be surrounded by the closest people and focus on them. In every wedding, there are cousins of grandparents, etc., and you don't know everyone. You invest in something grandiose that lasts a few hours and disappears. When you do something intimate with the closest people, it gives everything a different meaning.


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