Noa Kirel's Favorite Food

What is Noa Kirel's favorite food? | Interview

In honor of the launch of Chef Assaf Granit's new menu for El Al Airlines, we met with him along with the singer Noa Kirel and asked them if they know each other's favorite foods

(Photo: Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, Srugim)

Noa Kirel joined El Al's "Dream Team," which flew her on a special flight to the Eurovision Song Contest. This week, she attended the launch of their new menu under the guidance of Chef Assaf Granit, where we met them both and asked if they knew each other's favorite foods. We also received a surprising scoop regarding the food's kosher certification.

(Video: Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz)

After all the interviews, do you know what her favorite food is?

Asaf: "I prepare it all the time. One of my dishes, she loves couscous with haraima. And there are the pancakes we made especially for her Eurovision flight."

Noa: "I surprise every time, I also love tofu."

Assaf: "Really? I didn't know that."

Do you know what his favorite food is?

Noa: "Actually, no, what's your favorite food? Sushi?"

Assaf: "I don't really know what my favorite food is."


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