Israel Awards, Jerusalem

Christian leader dedicated award to fallen IDF soldier

After receiving the Jerusalem award of 2024, Robert Stearns devoted his win to one of Israel's fallen soldiers, Arnon Zmora ob"m.

Award ceremony (photo: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)

Christian leader Bishop Robert Stearns of Eagles’ Wings Ministries was honoured as the recipient of the 2024 Jerusalem Award during a solidarity mission to The Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Museum in Jerusalem. The award, presented by Mr. Daniel Voiczek, CEO of the museum, recognized Bishop Stearns for his longstanding efforts in fostering understanding and cooperation between Israel and the Christian community worldwide.

Voiczek highlighted Bishop Stearns’ role as a crucial bridge in Jewish-Christian dialogue, emphasizing his teachings on the Jewish roots of Christianity, the fight against anti-Semitism, and the importance of Christian support for Israel. He commended Bishop Stearns and his delegation of pastors for their courage and commitment to truth in standing with Israel during challenging times.

In accepting the award, Bishop Stearns expressed deep gratitude and dedicated it to the memory of Arnon Zmora, a fallen Israeli soldier who had recently passed away from injuries sustained during a rescue operation in which 4 Israeli hostages were saved from Gaza earlier this month. He acknowledged the bittersweet nature of the moment, celebrating the successful rescue of four hostages while mourning alongside the Zmora family.

Reflecting on his vision for the future, Bishop Stearns invoked the legacy of Mike Evans and the mission of Friends of Zion, emphasizing the need for a united Christian front in support of Israel. He spoke of his dream for thousands of Christian leaders worldwide to join in solidarity with the Jewish people, echoing the commitment of Ruth to Naomi in pledging unwavering support.

The delegation’s visit, involving 30 individuals to Israel, aimed to provide young Evangelical pastors with first hand experiences that challenge media stereotypes and foster genuine connections with Jewish communities. Pastor Micah Wood, also from Eagles’ Wings, shared his personal transformation from skepticism to advocacy for Israel, illustrating the impact of these immersive journeys.

Dr. Mike Evans, founder of Friends of Zion and a staunch advocate against anti-Semitism, praised Bishop Stearns for his significant contributions through Eagles’ Wings and his role in organizing the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. He underscored Bishop Stearns’ pivotal role in strengthening bonds between Christians and Israel, having brought tens of thousands of believers to the Holy Land over the years.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Centre, established by Dr. Mike Evans in 2015, serves as a pivotal platform combating anti-Semitism and promoting historical Christian support for Israel. Through extensive media outreach and educational initiatives, the centre aims to bolster global awareness and solidarity with Israel among Christians worldwide.


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