Rosh Yehudi

Rosh Yehudi Tel Aviv
Following Rosh Yehudi's petition: the judge asked to come to an understanding

The court ordered the Municipality of Tel Aviv and the Rosh Yehudi organization to meet immediately and come to an understanding regarding the Sukkot holiday events planned by the organization. According to Rosh Yehudi: "We are asking for business-like conduct on the part of the municipality"

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 30.09.23

Amit Segal Summarizes

Amit Segal summarizes: the big loser from the Yom Kippur storm

Amir Segal sums up the Yom Kippur storm, explains who the biggest loser is, and clarifies: in the clash between Rosh Yehudi and the Tel Aviv Municipality, the public has already made its decision about which side it is on

JFeed | 29.09.23

Religious Zionism Against Huldai

Religious Zionism against Huldai: "acts in a hypocritical and predatory manner"

Religious Zionism reacted to the cancellation of the permit of "Rosh Yehudi" to hold events in Sukkot and attacked Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai: "Trying to cast votes on the backs of the tens of thousands of residents who respect the tradition of Israel"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 28.09.23

"Spread Torah"

Israel Zeira: "Spread Torah, stop apologizing"

"Rosh Yehudi" leader Israel Zeira aira describes the behind-the-scenes of the mass prayer on Yom Kippur, explains his interpretation of the word 'hadata', discusses the reactions he has received following the event, and outlines what awaits us in the celebration of Simchat Torah

Yehudit Lazarovitch, JFeed Staff | 28.09.23

The Conflict Continues

Tel Aviv Municipality cancels the holiday events of "Rosh Yehudi"

The conflict continues: the Tel Aviv Municipality cancels the construction of the 'Rosh Yehudi' sukkah and the Hakafot Shniyot in Dizengoff Square due to "the association violating the rules on Yom Kippur and potentially causing further friction"

JFeed | 28.09.23

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

After the Yom Kippur storm: Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu took an unusual step

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu reveals that following the repeated attacks on Judaism in Tel Aviv, he considered leaving Safed and moving there: "It is important for me to be at the heart of what is happening"

JFeed | 28.09.23

Prayer Gatherings

The person praying in the public space is rude to God

I suggest to the people of Rosh Yehudi to organize prayer gatherings here and in the future in halls that will be adapted as temporary synagogues. Prayer is not a protest. Excellent prayer is that which is said from a broken and contrite heart

Rabbi Efraim Zalmonovich | 27.09.23

Gantz Reveals

Gantz reveals: Why did I react only today to the Yom Kippur storm?

It took Benny Gantz 48 hours to condemn the violence of the protesters against the worshipers on Yom Kippur. Now he explains why the response was delayed and whether it is related to polls from last night

JFeed | 27.09.23

The Municipality Takes Steps Against 'Rosh Yehudi'

After the dissolution of the prayer: Tel Aviv Municipality takes steps against 'Rosh Yehudi'

The Tel Aviv Municipality has announced that an emergency meeting was held after the prayer of the 'Rosh Yehudi' Organization was attacked and bombed by left-wing protesters. They stated that they are considering revoking the association's permits for holding events

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 26.09.23


The 3 words that revealed which side Herzog is on

Most citizens didn't think we would reach this point. The vast majority simply didn't believe it was possible. However, a small group of people who just longed for it to happen taught us what naivety is. Has anyone not had the alarm activated for them yet?

Shlomo Kuperman | 26.09.23

Noa Kadmon, Rosh Yehudi

They shouted at us: "We hate everyone who wears a kippah"

In an interview, Noa Kadmon, a secular activist of the Jewish Head organization, tells about what happened on Yom Kippur: "They threw prayer cycles on the floor, they were looking for an excuse just to disturb the prayer itself."

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 26.09.23

Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv

During the fast: left-wing protesters disrupted prayers in Tel Aviv

Left-wing protesters disrupted the annual Yom Kippur prayers throughout the city of Tel Aviv, with demonstrators interrupting prayers by shouting "shame" and incessantly disturbing the worshippers in the place

Yair Amar, JFeed Staff | 25.09.23

Herzog On The Prayer In Tel Aviv

President Herzog on the prayer in Tel Aviv: "To reach agreements out of respect"

In a letter in honor of Yom Kippur, President Yitzhak Herzog refers to the debate surrounding the holiday prayers in the city of Tel Aviv: "Let's preserve this day, which is an exciting moment of Judaism and Israeliness outside of controversy."

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 24.09.23


Rothman: "This is a bullying act of gagging"

MK Rothman commented on the incident in which dozens of protesters chased after leaders of "Rosh Yehudi" and Rabbi Levinstein: "If this had happened in any other city, we would have called it anti-Semitic."

JFeed | 20.09.23

Yesh Atid's Weak Response

Yesh Atid's weak response: "against every case of violence"

In the Yesh Atid party, they refuse to condemn the violence directed against Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and the incident that took place at the "Rosh Yehudi" in Tel Aviv. They state, "We condemn all cases of violence, regardless of whether it involves a rabbi"

Bentzi Rubin, JFeed Staff | 20.09.23

Attacked by a Mob

Rabbi Levinstein was attacked by a mob in Tel Aviv

During Rabbi Yigal Levinstein's visit to the "Rosh Yehudi" branch in Tel Aviv, hundreds of protesters began to demonstrate against him and even tried to attack him with sticks. The religious Zionist party criticized: "The opposition is a captive of a handful of extremists"

JFeed | 20.09.23