Anghel Nominated for an International Award

Prestigious: Itai Anghel is nominated for the International Emmy Award

Israeli pride: Itai Anghel's film, "Itai Anghel from the Heart of the Battles", documenting the war between Russia and Ukraine, is nominated for the International Emmy Award in the investigative category

(Photo: Courtesy of "Uvda")

Journalist Itai Anghel's film, which documents the war between Russia and Ukraine, is nominated in the investigative category at the International Emmy Awards.

In the film "With Anghel from the Heart of the Battles" Anghel, together with the photographer Eddie Gerald, gave a glimpse of one of the most difficult battlefields in the world. Anghel met and accompanied the fighters and civilians in the Ukrainian cities of Kiev, Gornka and Irpin and heard from them about their struggles during the war.

The film will compete against three other nominees: a British film about refuge seekers who were killed while attempting to cross from France to Britain in an inflatable boat, as well as Brazilian and Turkish films that both deal, like Itai's, with the war in Ukraine. The winner of the award will be announced on September 27th.

The International Emmy Awards ceremony is a separate event from the American Emmy Awards. It is held to recognize foreign television programs produced outside of the United States. This event has been held annually since 1973 by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (IATAS) and usually takes place in New York.

Journalist Itai Anghel (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

In the past, there were Israeli series that were nominated for the International Emmy Award and even won, including "Ramzor" ("Traffic Light"), "Nevsu" and "Tehran".


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