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IDF have created a new rocket alert system for your tv

The Home Front Command announced the launch of a new app on Tuesday which will distribute alerts and guidance for emergency situations on smart TVs. 

Eliana Fleming | 02.07.24

Israel-Gaza War, Home Front Command

Home Front Command Updates Guidelines for Israeli Civilians 

Following a situational assessment, Israel's Home Front Command has revised guidelines to ensure civilian safety in areas under threat.

Gila Isaacson | 20.06.24

Israel At War, Home Front Command Guidelines 

After the Return to Combat; Home Front Command Updates the Guidelines

Following the resumption of fighting in Gaza, the Home Front Command publishes new and strict defensive instructions. Where are there studies, and where is it allowed to hold events? all the details.

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 01.12.23

Israel - Gaza War

The Ceasefire is Over, The IDF has Returned to Attack in Gaza

The IDF spokesman announced the renewal of the war in the Gaza Strip, due to the violation of the cease-fire agreement by Hamas.

Guy Ezra, JFeed Staff | 01.12.23

2 Missiles Intercepted 

After a Week of Quiet: Iron Dome Intercepted 2 Missiles in the North

A week of peace on the Lebanese border was broken when a red alert was sounded in the Matat and Sasa settlements. Iron Dome launched two interceptors at a suspicious aircraft. Home Front Command: "The incident is over."

JFeed | 30.11.23

iPhone Users: Update

IDF Urges iPhone Users: "Update as Soon as Possible"

The IDF confirmed that the new version of the Home Front Command application for iPhones is now available in the Apple App Store: "We ask the public to update as soon as possible."

Uriel Be'eri, JFeed Staff | 09.11.23


A Miracle | The Family Went to the Bomb Shelter; the Missile Destroyed the House | Watch

A family from Rishon LeZion was miraculously saved after a missile fired from Gaza directly hit their house, a few seconds after they left the house to go to the emergency room. Watch

JFeed | 26.10.23

"Store Food and Water"

Home Front Command: "Store food and water for 72 hours throughout the country"

The Home Front Command has issued exceptional guidelines for the public and called for the collection of dry food and water that will allow residents to stay in a protected space for 72 hours. All the details

JFeed | 09.10.23

Exercise in the North

Home Front Command Exercise: Alert Times in the North

In the IDF, the alert times for missile sirens in the northern part of the country are published. Additionally, the Home Front Command emphasizes that if a real alert is activated, an additional rising and falling siren will be sounded

JFeed | 12.09.23

The Locations of the Alarm Drill

IDF announces: These are the locations where the alarm drill will take place

The Home Front Command will conduct a missile and rocket firing exercise tomorrow in Kfar Vradim, and on the upcoming Thursday in the communities of Moreshet and Kibbutz Kishor.

JFeed | 28.08.23