Israel-Gaza War, E-Commerce

Globes: Israelis are back to buying online - especially from China and supermarkets

An analysis by Globes shows that after a significant drop at the beginning of the war, Israelis are back to ordering online.

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An analysis by Globes and Shop Analytics shows Israelis are recovering from the initial dip in online orders at the beginning of the war, braving higher cost of living to go back to ordering online both locally and from abroad.

The leading foreign mail order company Israelis are buying from is AliExpress, with a whopping 68% of Israeli credit card purchases last month. They are followed by Chinese companies Shein (6%), Temu (5%), and then companies like Amazon (5%).

Locally, food and fashion companies are enjoying the most online orders, with companies like Supersol (26%), Super Pharm (20%), fashion company Terminal X (9%), and Rami Levi (9%) among the top sites Israelis order from.

Airlines are starting to recover, with El Al and Delta in the top 10 list at 4% each.


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Israel-Gaza War, Economy

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Israel-Gaza War, Economy

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Israel-Gaza War, Economy

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