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WATCH: ZAKA Hero Gets Vulnerable

It was with tremendous trepidation that Rabbi Meir Hacker approached the camera to record his recent extremely vulnerable video message to the public

JFeed | 08.01.24

Weather Forecast

Crazy Week: Haze, Thunderstorms and Rain. Weather Forecast for the Coming Week

Weather in the coming week will be changeable. It will begin with an increase in temperature and haze, when later rains will fall accompanied by thunderstorms. Weather forecast for the coming week.

JFeed | 02.12.23

Ron Binyamin Declared a Hostage

After 57 Days: Ron Binyamin Declared a Hostage Held in Gaza

After 57 days of uncertainty, the family members of Ron Binyamin were informed that the missing Ron Binyamin has now been declared an abductee, this after evidence was found that he was in Gaza. Binyamin has been missing since October 7 when he left Rehovot on his way to Be'eri.

JFeed | 02.12.23

Deadlock in Negotiations

Explosion in Negotiations in Qatar: Mossad Teams Returned to Israel

The head of the Mossad, David Barnea, ordered his team in Qatar to return to Israel, following the deadlock in the negotiations for the release of the abductees. The Prime Minister's Office clarified that "the terrorist organization Hamas did not fulfill its part of the agreement, which included the release of all children and women."

JFeed | 02.12.23

Israel-Gaza War, Fighting Continues

Shabbat of Fighting: Hundreds of Targets were Attacked in Khan Yunis

IDF forces attacked hundreds of terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including many targets in an extensive attack in Khan Yunis. During the fighting, terrorist squads were eliminated and weapons depots were attacked.

JFeed | 02.12.23

Israel At War

Direct Hit to a House at Sha'ar HaNegev; There are No Casualties

Extensive damage was caused to one of the houses in the settlements of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council as a result of a rocket hitting the house. There are no casualties. In Sderot, a 61-year-old woman was slightly injured after stumbling on her way to a safe zone.

JFeed | 01.12.23

Shabbat Times, Parshat Vayishlach 

Shabbat Entrance and Exit Times;  Parashat Vayishlach

Parshat Vayishlach covers a period of 23 years: from the date of the meeting between Jacob and Esau when Jacob returned from Haran to the year of Isaac's death. Shabbat entrance and exit times, Parashat Vayishlach, (5784).

JFeed | 01.12.23

The Explosion In Sana'a, Yemen

Reports in Saudi Arabia: The Explosion in Yemen - an Israeli Attack

The media in Saudi Arabia reported that the explosion that occurred in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, was attributed to an Israeli attack. According to the report, precision missile depots and drones were attacked.

JFeed | 01.12.23

Henry Kissinger has Passed Away

US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has Passed Away

At the age of 100, the legendary US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has passed away. He will be remembered as the one who pressed Israel for concessions in the Yom Kippur War and received the nickname "Husband of the Gentile" from Rabbi Zvi Yehuda.

JFeed | 30.11.23

Raz Returned and Met her Daughters

With Tears and Hugs: Raz Meets her Daughters after Hamas Captivity

Raz Ben Ami, who was abducted from Kibbutz Be'eri together with her husband Ohad, returned to Israel last night, her husband still remains in captivity. The photos in which she is seen meeting her daughters - did not leave a dry eye.

JFeed | 30.11.23

Arms Smuggling Caught

137 Guns and Pistols: a Huge Arms Smuggling from Jordan was Caught

Released for publication: The "Jewel in the Arava" affair - the Southern District police officers in cooperation with the IDF forces foiled a huge smuggling of weapons from the Jordanian border including 137 weapons, 250 cartridges and many weapon parts with a total value of about 6 million shekels.

| JFeed | 30.11.23

2 Missiles Intercepted 

After a Week of Quiet: Iron Dome Intercepted 2 Missiles in the North

A week of peace on the Lebanese border was broken when a red alert was sounded in the Matat and Sasa settlements. Iron Dome launched two interceptors at a suspicious aircraft. Home Front Command: "The incident is over."

JFeed | 30.11.23

Elimination of the Terrorists

Resident of Ofra who went on Vacation from Gaza Killed the Terrorists

Roy, a Golani Patrol fighter resident of Ofra, went on a refresher vacation from Gaza and came across the scene of the shooting attack in Jerusalem. He charged at the terrorists and killed them both, being slightly injured in his hand.

JFeed | 30.11.23

The Shooting Attack In Jerusalem

The Wounded Individual Recounts: "I heard gunshots and saw a person with a firearm"

17-year-old Akiva Schwartz, who was injured this morning in an attack in Jerusalem and was taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, describes: "I felt something in my leg. I half limped and half ran towards the city and crashed at the gas station area."

JFeed | 30.11.23

The Hostage Deal

The Family Announced: Bilal and Aisha Will be Released Tonight

The family members of Bilal and Aisha al-Ziadna were informed that as part of the seventh round, their children would be released from the captivity of Hamas in Gaza. Along with them, 6 more Israelis are expected to be released.

JFeed | 30.11.23

Vehicular Attack In The Jordan Valley Region

Jordan Valley: Two Injured in a Vehicular Attack in the Jordan Valley Region

A terrorist carried out a drive-by attack near Beka'ot in the Jordan Valley, and injured two young Israelis in a minor condition, who are being treated on the spot, the terrorist was shot and neutralized.

JFeed | 30.11.23

Yanai Family Reunites

Moving: Moran Meets Her Family After Captivity in Gaza

Moran Stella Yanai, who was kidnapped from the party near Re'im by Hamas terrorists, was released last night as part of the deal and is now reunited with her family in Israel.

JFeed | 30.11.23

The Shooting Attack In Jerusalem

The Names of those Murdered in the Attack in Jerusalem were Released for Publication

The names of those murdered from this morning's attack at the entrance to Jerusalem were allowed to be published. Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, Rabbi Hana Ifergan, and Livia Dikman, HY"D.

JFeed | 30.11.23